Sunday, 19 June 2016

What is our big Question?

We are scientists and a scientist has questions

I wonder... do we know what our big science question is?

After a lot of chat we decided we have learned about:

  • Water going up and down, evaporation...
  • Rain
  • Wind
  • Clouds
  • Directions (NESW)
  • Temperature
but what is our big question?
Is it...what is wind? what is weather?

How can we use this information? Why have we learned all about the weather and the clouds and meteorologists?

Our big question is: 

Can we eat out lunch outside?

A scientist makes predictions:

we can use what we have learned about
  • Temperature
  • Wind (direction and speed)
  • Clouds
to make a prediction 

A scientist makes observations:

When we make an observation we are looking very closely and noticing... for example: There are 5 weaved stars on the wall, or Siena has a purple sweatshirt.
Our science question observations might be:
is it windy? is the deck wet? is it cold outside? what direction is the wind coming from? is it raining (hard)?

A scientist shares (reports) their ideas:

We need to record how often we can eat inside and outside, how often are our predictions correct?

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