Friday, 10 June 2016

What is wind? part 2

Our Big Science Question:

Can we predict if we need to eat inside or out - is it going to be a wet lunch time?

We have looked at the clouds and can make some weather observations and predictions using the clouds... what about the wind? We know that wind is an important part of the weather, so we have another question...

Does the wind effect wether we can eat outside and get some fresh air?

Do we want to measure the wind? 



So we can be safe - is the air pressure right for tornadoes to form (Reagan) or if storms are coming
So we know if it will be nice at the beach (Lucy)
So I can get my washing dry (Kerri)
For planes so they can be safe (Oliver)
Post people need to know the weather (Alexander)
So we can predict what the weather is going to do…

What do we want to measure?

We need to measure how fast the air is moving (that is the speed of the wind)
We need to measure where the wind is coming from (that is the wind direction)

What do we need to know?

What is north, south, east and west - the compass points

Can we make our own wind vanes?

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