Wednesday, 15 June 2016

What is wind? part 3

Our Big Science Question:

Can we predict if we need to eat inside or out - is it going to be a wet lunch time?

Why do we need to measure the wind?

So we know if we can eat inside or not,
We need to know the wind direction, is the rain going to blow onto us? Like north south east or west.
We might be able to predict the weather for the rest of the day

We need to measure how fast the wind is so we know if it is going to move the rain... 

If it is going be really cold, is it going to blow the wind hard?

Can we make a wind vane? (to measure the direction of the wind?)

We gathered our materials: plastic plates, straws, a pencil, a paper cup and some sand. We had a close look at the picture of what a wind vane looks like and then in our groups we had a go at making them. 

We are being creative with our design
Our Wind Vanes,
They are fantastic!

Where do we need to put it?... Why?

Can we make an anemometer? (to measure the speed of the wind?)


The kids in Flo7ish have made anemometers so we borrowed one and had a really close look. Using straws, paper plates, a pencil and some sand we had a go at creating our own!

Very fiddly and delicate work!

We are working together!

Where do we need to put it?... Why?

We can use our tools to help us predict the weather!

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  1. I love how hands on you are Galaxy 8. What awesome little scientists!