Sunday, 28 February 2016

Happy Birthday Tahu

Hope you had a great day Tahu! Thanks for the yummy cake, we all enjoyed it!

Monday, 22 February 2016

Collecting Information in Galaxy

In Galaxy we are learning to ask questions, collect information, record our information as tally marks and turn our information into a graph.
We found going around the class asking everyone the questions easy.   We had a list of the people in our class to tick them off after we had asked them our question.  This helped us to know we had asked everyone only once.
We found making the graph using blocks easy too.
Making the tally chart was tricky.  We need to work on grouping tally marks in groups of 5.

Monday, 15 February 2016

Buddy Class Challenge Day 2016

Wow! What a great day we had! Many thanks to our House Leaders and School Ambassadors for all your hard work.
We worked together with our big buddies from Troy's whanau class thoughout the day. We got to know each other quite well. We had all sorts of challenges, some where we had to trust each other, others where we had to work as a big group. We had physical challenges and thinking challenges and some were a mix of both!
Check us out!

Tuesday, 9 February 2016

Music with Jenny

Today we had our first music with Jenny.
Siena, Reagan and Gordon are helping to sing the roll
We shared a little about our break and then we learned the wiggly tooth song. Look at our wiggly teethes (and all those gaps!)

Jorja and Millie are showing their gappy smiles
This term we are going to be learning about music and poetry. We had a go with a couple of poem songs and their actions.

Thanks Jenny, we always have a great time at music!

3 Ways to Read a book

Did you know there were 3 ways to read a book.
2016-02-02 12.22.21.jpg
Miracle is reading the pictures

3 Ways to read a book

  • Read and talk about the pictures
  • Read the words

2016-02-02 12.21.15.jpg
Reagan is reading the words
  • 2016-02-02 12.22.53.jpg
    Freya is reading the words

  • Retell a book you have already read

    This means we can read books that might have words that are tricky for us because we can read the pictures or retell a story that we know really well.

    Sunday, 7 February 2016

    Read to Self

    • To get better and better at reading 
    • Building independence 
    • Fun
    • Build stamina (read for longer)

    What does read to self look like?



    Eyes on the page
    Working with kids (reading group, one person, a couple of people)
    Stay in one spot
    Read quietly
    Read the whole time
    Get started straight away

    We can read on the couch like Noah
      We can read at tables
    We can stand up or sit down!
    We need to be comfortable
      We can read on the floor like Oliver

    Saturday, 6 February 2016

    Swimming and Library Times

    Monday 1:45-2:20
    Wednesday 2:20-3:00
    Friday 11:25-12:10

    We visit the Hub (library) on Fridays. Children are encouraged to swap their books.
    If children have finished reading their books before Friday, we have a purple box in the quiet space where children are welcome to return books when ready.

    Brain Pop jnr video - Graphs. Maths.

    Tuesday, 2 February 2016

    Statistics in Galaxy


    Today in Galaxy we created a graph using blocks to represent the many types of Brain Food we had in our lunch boxes.  We discovered 7 people had apples and this was the most popular food. We discussed why it may be popular. There were 12 different kinds of foods. 4 people had crackers and this was 3 less than the apple group.