Sunday, 21 August 2016

Kiwi Kids news

Check out this cool site for some olympic reading. Read though some of the stories so you can add some information to your haiku deck...

Sunday, 14 August 2016

Have you filled a bucket today?

What is a bucket filler?

  • Someone who says and does nice things
  • Someone who is kind
  • Someone who uses manner
  • Someone who listens

How can we be bucket fillers at school?

  • Be kind to other people 
  • Sharing our stuff
  • Saying please and thank you
  • including and inviting everyone to join our games
  • Holding open
  • Letting others go first
  • Listening when people are talking
  • Helping the little kids to walk into class
  • Saying kind things like - good job Gordon!
  • Helping little kids in the playground by playing with them
  • Help people with their learning

How can be bucket fillers at home?

  • Doing what mum or dad ask - the first time
  • Help mum or dad or someone do jobs like feeding the dog, doing the dishes.
  • Hold the door open for mum or dad and let them go first
  • Use manners like please and thank you
  • Remember our table manners
  • Move out of the way on the footpath so people can get past
  • Help people who are hurt
  • Play nicely with our brothers and sisters

Sunday, 7 August 2016

Cats Make The Best Pets

This term we are learning to write persuasions (persuasive text).  This is our first shared writing for Term 3.  Each day we will add some more as we finish editing and publishing it.

I think a cat would make the best pet for me.

Firstly cats are very cute.  When you come home from work or school and see you your cat they make you feel good inside. Cats are cute so you look forward to seeing them when you come back home.

Secondly cats are active.  It is wonderful cats are active because if a dog was chasing it, the cat can jump up somewhere high like a tree or a fence to be safe from a dog.  This will save you getting sad from your cat having an unfortunate accident.  Cats are active so this makes them ideal pets to play with.  Their playful antics are highly entertaining and joyful to watch - better than T.V!

Finally cats are warm and soft so you can snuggle and cuddle with them. When they purr they make you feel happy on the inside. Also because they are warm and soft they can keep themselves warm in winter, saving them from freezing to death and money on heating.

I feel I need a pet.  A cat would make the best pet for me because they are cute, active, soft and warm.