Thursday, 27 October 2016

Getting Ready for Market Day

Breaking news! We have now begun to make our actual jewellery to sell on Market Day. We have made advertisements to get people to come to our stall (check some of these out on the next page - Galaxy's Learning on Seesaw).  In maths we worked out how much our piece of jewellery will cost. We had a shopping list and we checked it and chose only the materials we needed for our piece of jewellery.  We then added all of the prices together. The most challenging part was working out how much string or elastic we needed.  This was the hardest part because we had to make sure it would fit the audience we are selling to and we had to measure how much we needed because Mel, Kerri , Bridget and Ebony were only selling it in 10cm long - and this is not long enough for a necklace or bracelet, even for a child!  We hope to see you at our stall on Market Day!

Sunday, 2 October 2016

Can you guess the colour?

WALT: Investigate like a scientist

Kerri asked us "can we guess the colour of the jellybeans when our eyes were closed?"

As scientists we made a prediction... 
  • Most of us (16 people) think it will be easy to tell the colour and flavour with our eyes closed. 
  • Some of us (6 people) think we will not be able to  tell the colour and flavour with our eyes closed.
As scientists we carried out our experiment...
We got into groups of 3.
1 person had the blindfold on (so they couldn't see the colour), 1 person recorded the results and the other person put the jellybean into the blindfolded persons hand. Luckily we all got a turn at each job!
Max is tasting... Will he get it right?
Can Reagan guess the flavour?

Very careful recording Luka.
You guys were a great team of scientists!
Millie is thinking super hard!
As scientists we gathered our results... 

We all had little charts to fill in so we could collect our data.
We found this very tricky!
As scientists we have a conclusion...
We can tell some flavours but not all. It is easy to tell the black jellybeans. We were also pretty good at picking the blue and white ones too.

Our biggest learning was about collecting honest and reliable data (information). It doesn't matter if our prediction is wrong, what matters is that we learned something. 
Peeking is cheating and means we cannot trust all the information. Perhaps we could try again!

Thursday, 22 September 2016

Roald Dahl Picture Competition

Last week it was Roald Dahl's 100th birthday celebration.  We all entered the drawing competition.  You can see our fantastic artworks up in the library.  Ryder won a prize and Jorja and Noah got a highly commended prize.  Wow - three people from Galaxy!  

Market Day

It was very exciting because we got a letter from David inviting us to take part in Russell Street's first market day.

We were curious to find out more.

First we started finding out about market days.  We found out that people say nice things about what was getting sold. There were really great displays so people can see everything.

Secondly we made a big mess discovering different materials that could make jewellery. After this we drew some jewellery.

Next we used lots of different types of materials to make jewellery and found out which materials would be the best to use for us.

Then we got a design brief and made our very first designs.  We have to choose one of them to make for market day.

After the holidays we are going to be making a practice one which we call a prototype.   We also need to make posters to advertise our product.

Monday, 5 September 2016

Tui Having Brunch.

Today, just now we saw a tui in the kowhai tree right outside our classroom window.  The kowhai tree has a lot of blossoms now - bright yellow flowers.  The Tui was probably in the kowhai tree because it is spring and they like sucking the flowers.  They suck the flowers to steal the nectar from inside the flowers.  They suck it up their beak like a straw.  Leila wonders do Tui eat anything else?  We are going to keep an eye on the kowhai tree and try and take a photo of the tui - it flies away very fast each time we try! 6.9.16 10:50.

Wednesday Star of the Week - 'Guess in the Bag'

Ella brought along a snow globe/glitter globe with a castle inside it.  She put this in the kete for us to guess what her special thing was.  We have had many different special things this year like; trophy, rattle snake, aeroplane, ornaments from China, jewellery box, bey blade, soft toys, a tiara, pumice, spy gadget/compass, snake puzzle, sticker of the Eiffle Tower, a silver hippo, toys and we have some more to come before the end of the term. Yesterday the castle reminded Alec of Neuschwanstein Castle in Bavaria, Germany which many Disney castles are modelled off.  We talked about what would be good about living in this castle and what would not be good about living in this castle.

Sunday, 21 August 2016

Kiwi Kids news

Check out this cool site for some olympic reading. Read though some of the stories so you can add some information to your haiku deck...