Sunday, 14 August 2016

Have you filled a bucket today?

What is a bucket filler?

  • Someone who says and does nice things
  • Someone who is kind
  • Someone who uses manner
  • Someone who listens

How can we be bucket fillers at school?

  • Be kind to other people 
  • Sharing our stuff
  • Saying please and thank you
  • including and inviting everyone to join our games
  • Holding open
  • Letting others go first
  • Listening when people are talking
  • Helping the little kids to walk into class
  • Saying kind things like - good job Gordon!
  • Helping little kids in the playground by playing with them
  • Help people with their learning

How can be bucket fillers at home?

  • Doing what mum or dad ask - the first time
  • Help mum or dad or someone do jobs like feeding the dog, doing the dishes.
  • Hold the door open for mum or dad and let them go first
  • Use manners like please and thank you
  • Remember our table manners
  • Move out of the way on the footpath so people can get past
  • Help people who are hurt
  • Play nicely with our brothers and sisters

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