Thursday, 22 September 2016

Market Day

It was very exciting because we got a letter from David inviting us to take part in Russell Street's first market day.

We were curious to find out more.

First we started finding out about market days.  We found out that people say nice things about what was getting sold. There were really great displays so people can see everything.

Secondly we made a big mess discovering different materials that could make jewellery. After this we drew some jewellery.

Next we used lots of different types of materials to make jewellery and found out which materials would be the best to use for us.

Then we got a design brief and made our very first designs.  We have to choose one of them to make for market day.

After the holidays we are going to be making a practice one which we call a prototype.   We also need to make posters to advertise our product.

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