Thursday, 27 October 2016

Getting Ready for Market Day

Breaking news! We have now begun to make our actual jewellery to sell on Market Day. We have made advertisements to get people to come to our stall (check some of these out on the next page - Galaxy's Learning on Seesaw).  In maths we worked out how much our piece of jewellery will cost. We had a shopping list and we checked it and chose only the materials we needed for our piece of jewellery.  We then added all of the prices together. The most challenging part was working out how much string or elastic we needed.  This was the hardest part because we had to make sure it would fit the audience we are selling to and we had to measure how much we needed because Mel, Kerri , Bridget and Ebony were only selling it in 10cm long - and this is not long enough for a necklace or bracelet, even for a child!  We hope to see you at our stall on Market Day!

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